Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Crazy couple of weeks

Hey everybody,

Ok so I broke my promise and haven't updated in two weeks, but I've had good reasons for it. There have actually been a lot of things going on in my life for the past few weeks, and I have many interesting stories, but I do not feel that it would appropriate to write them all here in the public eye. So I will give the bare minimum, and those of you who know me and would like more information, I will be happy to tell you the full story in a more private setting.

I resigned from my internship at the other organization I was briefly working at. I know that in my last post I was very excited about the internship, but it did not take me long to realize that it was not going to work out. However, I did get two more calls about interviews for other internships. I interviewed with one organization today, a non-profit organization that works with orphans and impoverished children and families in 137 countries worldwide. The interview went really well and I was offered the internship for this fall. I'm really excited and interested in the organization, and they said that there was a possibility of advancement for interns (and that they are actually looking to expand in the next few months), and they are also willing to reimburse me for transportation expenses, which is really nice. I have quickly been learning that commuting from Manassas to DC can cost upwards of $100/week. I have another possible interview with a foreign policy think tank next week (although I am not sure yet exactly when), so hopefully that will work out well also. I promised the organization I was interviewing with today that I would be able to give them my decision whether to work there by the end of the month. If I do decide to work there, I will start sometime in mid-August or early September.

Beyond what's been going on with the whole internship drama, I had a really great, fun weekend. My friend Mike Berrios came to visit me from last Wednesday - yesterday morning, and we had an amazing time hanging out and seeing the city. On Thursday, Mike, Becca and I went to a federal government job fair, which was not very helpful for finding a job, but at least we got some good advice and felt that we were doing something proactive for our careers.

On Friday, the three of us went into the city to do touristy stuff, because Mike hadn't been to DC since he was a little kid. We toured the National Mall and the monuments and memorials, saw the White House, and I even gave in and went to the Air and Space Museum for an hour or so. (I hate the Air and Space Museum because I was forced to endure visiting it for endless hours so many times as a child due to my family's obsession with flying objects. Oh, and there are in fact multiple Air and Space Museums in the DC area. I have been to both.) We had to drive Becca to the airport on Friday evening because she went home for the weekend to go to her cousin's wedding, and then Mike and I met some friends in the city for dinner and drinks...and then experienced the city's metro system at 2 am. Surprisingly, the Washington DC metro has very little violent crime, even late at night, and is actually mobbed with people at 2 am. The Paris metro is kind of shady at night, especially in some areas of Paris and at bigger stations, so it was good to know that Washington DC's metro is relatively safe to take at night.

On Saturday, Mike and I met up with his friend Hillary and toured Old Town Alexandria. That area is really cute and pretty, with European-looking townhouses and lots of shops and restaurants. I loved it...too bad that I can never afford to live there! Unless I meet a man with a trust fund...hmm. I'll have to work on that. We went for a walk by the Potomac and went out to dinner at a really good pizza restaurant in Arlington. It was such a beautiful, nice day.

On Sunday, Mike and I toured the Manassas battlefield and learned a lot about the Battle of Bull Run / Battle of Manassas (name changes depending on whether you were a Yankee or a Rebel). The amount of confederate flags flying at the cemetery and on the battlefield reminded me that I do in fact live in The South now...not sure how I feel about that. I'll always be a Northerner at heart. We then picked Becca up from the airport, and went to the movies to see Harry Potter. Becca and I were basically dying to see it because it came out Tuesday night and we had to wait 5 whole days before we got to see it! It was torture.

So, Mike left yesterday, and the rest of this week I'll basically just be hanging out, waiting to find out what's going on with my internship and stuff. Anyways, I just wanted to update everyone on my life...like I said, I know this version is kind of lacking on details, but for the full version of events, contact me and I'll be happy to share. Hopefully I'll write again soon with good news about a new internship.

Lots of love,

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Hi everyone,

I'm so sorry, I've been neglectful of my blog and haven't written in a week even though a lot has happened. The most exciting news: I got the internship! For the rest of the month of July, I'll be working there on and off as needed and some from home because they have their summer interns until August and don't have enough space for me right now. In August, I'll start working close to full time. Its unpaid, but at least it should give me some experience working in my field and help me find a full-time job. They wanted me to make a three-month commitment, and I figure it will take that long for me to find a full-time job anyways, so I said that I should be able to commit to that, but I couldn't promise any longer. Hopefully it will work out well. Tomorrow I'm supposed to go in for the day to kind of learn my way around and help them prepare for their conference at the end of the month, so it will be my first official day of work. I'm kind of nervous - I hope it works out well and that I end up liking the job. I guess even if I don't, it's only three months.

Other than that, I had a really fun Fourth of July weekend. Aunt Andi, Uncle Mike, Becca and I went canoeing down the Shenandoah River yesterday, which was a lot of fun. Aunt Andi and Uncle Mike used their kayaks and Becca and I rented a canoe. The stretch of the river that we did was about 7 miles long, and we stopped for lunch and a swimming break in the middle because it got pretty hot. My shoulders and arms are pretty sore from the rowing workout, but we had a good time. Afterwards, we all went back to Aunt Andi's and had a wonderful dinner of buffalo burgers stuffed with portobello mushrooms and onions and wrapped in bacon, baked beans, potato salad, coleslaw, and some berry shortcake that Becca and I made. It was absolutely delicious.

On July 15th, my friend Mike Berrios is coming to DC to visit me and go to a Federal Government job fair that Becca and I are also planning on attending. A lot of big federal agencies, like the State Department, Department of Defense, National Security Agency, Department of Homeland Security, etc., are coming and I hope that it'll be a good opportunity to meet with the agencies and makee some contacts...maybe even get a job (hopefully!). I'm excited to see Mike too, it'll be nice to see somebody from home.

Anyways, I've gotta go look at a couple of things before work tomorrow, so I'll write more later. I promise to start updating this more regularly.


Monday, June 22, 2009

A New Start

Hey everybody,

So I know I've been here almost a week and I haven't posted yet - sorry, it's been a little hectic getting settled in and stuff. I made the big move to Manassas, Virginia this past Tuesday. My mom and I packed my car full of books, clothes, my TV, and bunch of other things and made the 10-hour drive from Detroit to DC. My friend Rebecca and I are living with my Aunt Andi and Uncle Mike until we're able to find jobs and get an apartment of our own.

Although it's obviously very exciting that I just moved across the country and all, I haven't done much exciting since getting here. My mom and I went shopping and bought some stuff for my room (aka my cousin Chris' old bedroom) and I set up a new bank account and stuff so that I can have money down here. My mom left on Thursday and Becca's mom left on Saturday morning, so we're all on our own now. Today I joined a gym - now that I have lots of time on my hands, it's time to start working out and get back in shape.

Other than that, I'm just going to start applying for jobs, calling people, and doing whatever I can to get hired by somebody and get my foot in the door. Wish me luck! I'll write again soon with updates.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

T minus 12 days

Hey everybody,

So, this new chapter of my life calls for a new blog. I received my official diploma from Michigan State University today. Enter Sarah Little, new graduate with a B.A. in International Relations and specializations in Muslim Studies and Western European Studies, into the work force. Soon, hopefully. On June 15th, just 12 days away, I will be moving to Washington D.C., or, more accurately, Manassas, Virginia. My Aunt Andi and Uncle Mike have graciously agreed to take in me and my friend Rebecca, newly homeless, unemployed college graduates that we are, until we can find jobs and afford an apartment of our own. I have applied for 30 jobs so far and heard nothing back yet, but I still feel confident. I'm hoping that it will be easier once I'm actually in Washington D.C., as I can meet people and network a bit more.

This coming weekend is really busy. My brother is graduating from high school on Friday and his party is Sunday. Relatives from Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Illinois are coming in, in addition to all the Michigan relatives. Rebecca and I are trying to plan our move to VA. My last day of work at The Henry Ford isn't until June 11th. And I have nothing packed yet. So there's a lot still to do. With everyday that passes, I'm getting a bit more nervous about moving. I still feel like a college student, so its weird that I'm not going back to East Lansing next fall. Its weird to look around my house and realize that I'll never really live here again. After moving to Washington D.C., the next time I come here I'll be a visitor instead of a resident. My room won't be my room anymore. And moving far away has been making me realize all of the complications that come with moving and being an adult: bank accounts, my driver's liscence, my liscence plate, my cell phone, my car insurance, my health insurance. And desperately hoping that all my hard work in college will pay off, that I will get a job. I've usually been very confident going into any big life change, convinced that I will do fine, and although I'm sure I'll be okay, this time around I'm more worried. This move has been less nerve-wracking for me than for most, as I am moving in with family and my best friend is coming along too. But its still pretty scary.

Anyways, this is the first blog entry of what I'm sure will be many to come. I will write about my life in D.C. - navigating the city, trying to get a job, figuring out how to be an adult, and dealing with America's capital and all the politics that come with it: the good, the bad, and the Republicans. Wish me luck, cause I'm sure I'm gonna need it.

Much love,